Eight Lipstick Colours To Try Before You Die!

Oct 03, 2016

I love lipstick so here are some shades you must try before you die. And yes.... these will work for every skin tone you just have to find the right shade for you!


The quintessential classic red lipstick. People do tend to shy away from it as it is bright and in your face. However, there is no denying that it looks confident, sexy and beautiful. When applying a bold colour like red, keep the rest of your makeup simple, maybe just a plain base and a little mascara and eyeliner, and use a liner in a matching shade to carefully outline your lips to create a perfect pout. I like wearing red in a matt as it looks more contemporary. 

Hot Pink

Another va va voom shade. However, hot pink is a little more funky and fun than red. As its a little less classic and less obviously sexy you can get away with mixing it with bolder eyes. Grey eye-shadow and hot pink lips look great. You can also wear coloured mascara or eyeliner with this look. In terms of how to apply it, you can be a little less precise - you may not wear lipliner with it - just use the lipstick itself to create a cupids bow and a slightly defined outline. Also with hot pink you can experiment with textures, matt hot pink will look a lot different than a slightly more creamy texture. Again, the bolder the colour, the better I think a matte texture looks. You can always add shine or moisture with a dab of lipgloss on the centre of your lips to finish.


Every girl should have a nude in a colour that works for her skintone. This could be anything from a taupe to a mauve to a beige. Generally, I like to have a nude thats slightly darker than my skin tone but almost blends in with it and to have a creamy texture that I can wear with a gloss for some subtle sexyness.

The look that Kylie Jenner perfected using MACs Spice lipliner is a great example of how to do nude to enhance your lips and make then look fuller. All you do is get a liner in a colour like Spice and then fill in your lips using it - don't be too precise about staying in the lines go slightly outside... and rather than tracing your cupids bow ....use the liner to make your bow less enhanced (which makes your pout sexier) then go over it with a gloss or a nude lipstick.

This look works well with a contoured face, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner and some brown eyeshadow .....or in the evening a smoky grey sparkly eyeshadow.


This is a hard lipstick colour to wear but again I think everyone can wear it. There are many shades from coral to apricot. The trick is to make sure the rest of your make up works well with it. For orange lips you can go matt or glossy but make sure that the texture of the rest of your make-up is complimentary. If you go for a shimmery orange then make sure that you create sparkle elsewhere like a little silver shimmer on your brow bone and cheekbones.

For a matt orange you may want to try and go for a light grey or beige eyeshadow. Orange is quite a hard colour to balance so stay on the safe side by keeping your eyebrows groomed and defined but not too dark and heavy - try going for a browny or tawny colour on your brows and eyes rather than black.


So many shades of purple from dark gothy purple to a brighter purple. Again like orange you can do glossy or matt. I think a slightly matt purple looks awesome. Kind of like a comic superhero. I would do the rest of my make-up quite plain although for an evening look you could go for a black liquid liner, some black mascara and flicks on the side. I also think purple and grey eyes look great with purple lipstick or some slightly brighter purple kohl under the eyes to give your look a sexy pop.


Sometimes this can look a little mumsy or frumpy and I think that it can look very heavy and dark if you don't get the rest of the make-up right. It is very intense combining the boldness of red and the drama of purple so you probably wouldn't wear this everyday but when you do wear it, wear it proudly and enhance the dramatic lip with drama elsewhere too.

Smoky eyes, or some browny red eyeshadow, lashings of mascara, some bold nail colour and some colour on the cheeks. This is a big colour but also a colour that goes with other colours and so it can take being balanced with dramatic eyes. Alternatively, if you don't want to go that dramatic, outline your eyes with a clean black liquid liner and black mascara.

Candy Pink

This is another fun colour that you can experiment with and works for day and night. I like wearing these kinds of colours with a baby doll look. Very glowy and dewy skin and a pink shadow and pink rosy blush on the cheeks keeping the base quite pale. This colour looks less severe, especially the more icey colours, if you add a pale pink gloss and steer away from hard liner. Again when applying mascara focus on the outer lashes to get a wide eyed look and make sure you carefully apply mascara to the bottom lashes - sometimes a white eyeliner at the bottom lash line also looks great with this lipstick colour.


I love wearing chocolate colours in the winter. You can swap out the rosey blusher for some browner blush and some caramel, beige and brown eyeshadow. Its a classic and wholesome, very polished look. Think groomed but natural looking eyebrows, some not quite black kohl eyeliner and matching brown mascara. Brown lipstick in a matt colour with a matching lipliner looks professional and can take you from office to bar. Match with brown nails and some tousled hair and you have something sophisticated sleek but still natural.

Brown doesn't have to be dramatic , although of course it can be in a very deep shade, a creamy caramel or mocha colour can look almost as natural as nude but has a tad more distinction. I also like to use brown or sometimes a nude to create high glamour gold lips for evening parties. I use a brown liner or matt lipstick and then generously apply gold gloss to create a glamorous look. This looks amazing with a glitter gold eyeshadow and highlighter that catches the light as you walk.

So there you go - how many have you tried? How do you wear them and what do you wear them with??

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