60's Fashion Duos

Oct 17, 2014

It would be stating the obvious to say that the 60's were one of the most interesting decades of our time. Martin Luther King gave his famous speech, the first man walked on the moon and the world basically just got a little bit cooler! Fashion was part of a revolution that encompassed music and art. Dresses became shorter and sexier compared to the tame look of the 50's. Leading the army of change were these power couples. Take a look at our list of the hippest 60's Fashion Duos:

John and Yoko

They met towards the end of the 60's the night before Ono’s gallery opening in London. Lennon initially thought he’d hate the avant-garde, anti-art exhibition but found himself intrigued by her show and ultimately by her. The moment they clicked is said to be over her art piece ‘Hammer a Nail In’. Initially she said he couldn’t hammer a nail in because the show hadn’t officially opened yet. Later at the press conference she said he could …for five shillings. He replied “I'll give you an imaginary five shillings and hammer an imaginary nail in.” They got each other instantly. Later, Ono revealed that she was very attracted to him at first sight. Combining their music and art, the couple became activists, constantly promoting messages of anti-war. The couple was also known to wear similar outfits, in terms of styling, colours and shapes.

60s fashion icons

Wearing utilitarian looks at Battery Park, NYC
Photo: Iain Macmillan/Courtesy Yoko Ono

Anita and Brian

Anita Pallenberg was an Italian-born actress, model and fashion designer (who trained at Central St Martin's – yes!) who was most famously the muse and some even say an extra member of the Rolling Stones because she was that influential as regards their development. She started off in a relationship with Brian Jones, the multi-talented, founding member of The Stones and then later was allegedly involved with Mick Jagger and then married Keith. She met Brian in 1965 when she was working a modelling assignment in Munich after managing to wrangle backstage at a concert and the two had an intense and stormy love affair. She was reputed to be a powerful, fascinating woman with an almost hypnotic aura who was involved in the dark arts and witchcraft - stories abound of her casting secret spells and sleeping with garlic to ward off vampires! Brian and Anita had an eccentric style and obviously shared a love of fashion; mixing styles, prints, centuries and even swapping gender based fashion stereotypes. Both were reputed to be vain and ceaseless shoppers, they would spend hours preening, primping and dressing each other for hours before a night out.


60's fashion inspiration

Anita with Brian Jones at Heathrow Airport in 1967
Photo: J. Wilds/Getty Images

Andy and Edie

Another iconic fashion couple – although not romantically involved, Edie was his muse and one of his Factory studio Superstars. She stared in a number of his short films and went on to become the IT girl of a generation with her unique style and photogenic face. She very much represented the fusion of celebrity, style, and art that Warhol experimentally combined when creating his Pop Art movement – a movement which brought into sharp focus the relationship between celebrity culture, advertisements and artistic expression. He hosted popular hang-outs at his studio, where he would invite intellectuals, drag queens, playwrights, Bohemian street people, Hollywood celebrities, and wealthy patrons. The two initially shared a passionate and caring asexual relationship, where both felt safe with one another, but which eventually left Edie out in the cold, shunned from Warhols inner circle, and which would lead to a tragic end for the beautiful but troubled girl.

fashionable couples of the 60s

Andy stares adorningly at Edie
Photo: Steve Schapiro

Pattie and George

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison met during the filming of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ in the 60's, where the model had a short role. Apparently one of the first things he said to her was “"Will you marry me? Well, if you won't marry me, will you have dinner with me tonight?" She was with someone at the time but accepted a few days later and they would later go on to marry. Although their marriage ended in divorce, she was said to be the influence behind the Beatles spiritual, psychedelic phase and was to have a lasting impression on Harrison who went on to fully embrace eastern mysticism. George was said to be the most stylish of the Beatles and his 60's style was ethnic inspired, with an emphasis on print and pattern and a love of statement jackets. Patties style was girly, cute, whimsical, hippy-chic meets Mod – she too loved accessories: beads, all kinds of hats, long socks with clashing shoes. Together they were the boy and girl that made you smile with the colourful, fun style they enjoyed. 

60's style icons

The song ‘Something’ was inspired by Boyd
Photo: Unknown

Debbie and Chris

The final couple on this list are none other than Debbie Harry and Chris Stein. The two were band-members of Blondie which quickly became one of the most iconic punk bands. Harry was the only female member of the band, her confident performances and charismatic style quickly gained attention. She was part of the Studio 54 crew and her style was hard, rock meets punk, sexy and street. Harry and Stein shared an unconventional sense of fashion but each of their styles was different and distinctive in its own way - Harry would be in a leather jacket sporting platinum blonde, bed hair and Stein would be in his famous glasses in casual geek-chic attire. Although they looked like they didn’t belong together, oddly their mismatched style added a sense of glamour and uber-coolness around them, and although they would later split, they remained band mates and friends throughout Blondie’s long and continuing history.

60's style trends

Debbie and Chris in NYC
Photo: Stephanie Chernikowski

So there you have it – a quick review of our favourite and most inspiring Bad Ass couples of the 60s – inspiring you to have a rummage around your closet?

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