How to wear shorts like Iggy Azalea!

Nov 02, 2014

There is no doubt that this woman is a beauty and she has a few notable (cough) assets and a generally Boom body! But what she shows is that one can rock shorts even without being teeny-tiny and which make the most of a curvy figure. She very cleverly wears shorts that a) fit perfectly and b) in a way that only accentuate her slimmest bits. Here are a few tips I got from looking at how she wears her favourite piece of clothing. 

Accentuate the Waist

How to Best Wear Shorts
I love the way the shorts end at the smallest part of her waist which balances out the ample bottom half and which show that with some clever styling you can wear shorts even with a more curvy figure. If they were a little less waisted then we would get muffin-top but not so here. Plus the psychedelic print means that you don't focus on any flabby bits and the little bit of cleavage at the top draws the eye upwards. The top also fits snugly around the skinny part of the waist which makes the most of her hourglass figure. A very balanced look.

Pretty but not Boring

How to look Your best in shortsThis look shows shorts can be work in a pretty, feminine and almost modest way - you could go to church in this outfit - well, not quite! Although the look is sweet as a Hummingbird cupcake, the patterned floral shorts do add a bit of interest. Combined with the blazer and white tee, it's a simple, laid back look. I love the way Iggy uses colour - things are never matchy-matchy but rather the colours are from complimentary palettes and moods to create an overall harmony. And again the upturned sleeve, showing the skinniest part of the arm, is a good trick for looking slimmer.

Denim Diva

How to Rock Shorts Like Iggy

Denim is an obvious staple in any girl's wardrobe, but to get away with denim shorts past a certain age you need to be a boss at styling and again the fit has to be right or you will end up with the short cutting into a flabby bit, or worse, end up with dreaded camel toe (am I allowed to say that?) - better to have a bit of leg room (haha) than go too tight. Here Iggy adds a little twist by having a bit of animal print on them and teams it with a cool printed body top. Although it seems counterproductive, body tops are weirdly awesome when wearing a tight skirt or bottoms as they hide any lumps and bumps and ensure a clean trim silhouette. Just make sure the fabric is good quality so it does the job!

Stripes and Panels

Wear Shorts with Confidence

This is fun and shows that shorts can form part of a 'proper' outfit. I love the way she has mirrored the black and white theme throughout and then added a bit of fun in the headpiece so that it's not all about skin. The high neck and the long sleeve add class and a sense of tailoring to this. The white panelling is again clever as it slims the arm and the panels of white on either side of the shorts slim down the hips. 

Easy Breezy and Relaxed

Look Good in Shorts

Although she is wearing shorts again she is doing it in a completely different way to the examples above and in a way that is very wearable. The electric blue, satiny shorts are cool and casual but still dressed up enough for a day out and about. The slightly relaxed fit means they are a good day time choice and you don't have to worry about them ripping when sitting down! The casual t-shirt is spiced up by the cool black cap sleeves and the thigh high boots show just the right amount of skin. If they were black they would be slutty and inappropriate for the day but nude is an inspired choice.

Fresh in All White

Tips for Wearing Shorts

Last but not least, here is a great example of a great way of wearing shorts and trainers without looking like you are going to the gym. It's fresh clean and sporty but not frumpy.  The shorts are gym-like shorts but she teams it with a cute, pretty top to let us know that she is definitely not going to the gym! I love the all white and this is an inspiring way to wear it without looking like you are going to compete at Wimbledon. If you didn't want to show as much skin you could also wear this with a white, chiffon, sleeveless blouse or a plain white cap sleeve tee - hair up, fresh make up, lip gloss, done! 

So there you go, a couple of ways to inspire you to wear shorts and look great while doing it from the one and only Iggy - let me know if I have inspired you to wear shorts for the first time!

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