How to wear print like Solange

Nov 17, 2014

To celebrate her wedding and because I think she has great style, here are a few of the wicked outfits Solange has sported over the years. She always loves to wear bold colours, print and pattern and she know how to style everything expertly. Plus my hat goes off to any girl that has the balls to try and beat up Jay-Z in the few minutes she had with him between stops in the elevator!

There are lots of examples to choose from but here are some of my picks.


How to Wear Orange Like Solange Knowles

Solange loves orange - it tends to feature a lot! I like the leather pants with the orange ankle cuff, the matching lip, the stripe on the jacket. It's a perfect mix of tailoring (the blazer) and edge (the leather pants fitted at the ankle) as well as a great example of the way you can mix detailed pattern with blocks of colour.


How to Wear Bold Prints

This is by Azede Jean-Pierre! The outfit is so much fun and the bold print is balanced by some nice tailoring and that cute, girly feel that you can always achieve with a matching two piece a la Clueless. I like the way she has worn black tights as it draws attention to the outfit itself rather than making it compete with bare skin which would probably have been too much with this print.

How to Wear Contrasting Prints

Solange has a great eye for prints that work together without being a big hot mess. There is a common pattern in all these outfits in that, although she will do top to toe print, it will always be balanced. So here she uses tailoring and monochrome to give the outfit a refined, harmonised look. Plus her make-up is simple and elegant and the rid lips provide a nice pop of colour.

mix and match prints

This outfit shows that you can contrast two different prints in one outfit as long as you have something to bring it together. Here you can see that the colours in the jumper are very subtly mirrored in the bird print skirt. Also, if the skirt was longer or a different shape it probably wouldn't work but the flirty cut works well with the prints and styling.

Our favorite Solange looks

Finally, Solange in Vera Wang. It's glam but interesting. Skirts which are shorter at the front and longer at the back automatically add interest to an outfit. Peplum at the waist does the same. The fabric and print give an almost oriental feel and the basic blue and white provide the perfect backdrop to everything that is going on and prevents it being overwhelming.

I could go on and on as she has so many awesome looks...... !

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