Style inspiration from your boyfriend's wardrobe!

Nov 13, 2014

Sometimes my favourite pieces of clothing are kind of boyish. I love feminine clothes but to add a bit of grit and cool sometimes you need to introduce a masculine element. I don't have a boyfriend but was thinking about my brother's wardrobe and how it influences my style. These are some items from his wardrobe that give me style inspiration! Read below and share your tips on finding style inspiration in men's clothing.

The Bad Ass Jacket 

Masculine Bomber Jacket

This goes first because no-one can dispute that if there was a Celebrity Death Match of Clothing, the Bad Ass Jacket would totally win. You can easily toughen up any outfit, whether it's a floaty dress, a mini skirt, shorts, whatever, just by adding this one thing. I know people who have actually cried when they have had to throw away their well-loved leather, biker, bomber .....because when you find the right one, you end up living in it! I like this one by Yohan Kim because of its camouflage print, the eagle wings, the extra hardware and the relaxed fit. Literally obsessed with it.

The Baggy Shirt 


 Style Inspiration - The Baggy Shirt

I loved the way Uma styled it - relaxed fit worn over cut-off black trousers. The shirt is a staple in any wardrobe. Again, there's so many ways you can wear it -  over jeans, tucked into skirts, tied up in a knot, with a vest and left open, tailored, oversized. There is a shirt for everyone and properly styled it can bring a bit of edge to your look. I love wearing baggy, oversized shirts as a kind of cover up over a vest or crop tee. It serves to cover up your flabby bits, makes an average outfit look effortlessly cool, especially with sleeves rolled up, tucked in just the right amount or with a front knot. Best of all, if you use creative ways to style your shirt there is no need to iron diligently - which everyone knows is a proper b###h!

The Blazer 

How to Rock a Blazer
The blazer is another thing that everyone needs in their wardrobe. The right one will go with jeans, skirts, or over dresses. A good one will be able to be smarten up an outfit when needed and tone it down when needed. I believe that if you are going to buy something you should buy something that has a unique or quirky element so that it adds something to every outfit. This one here is a tuxedo style blazer with a longer back. It's great because you could wear this over a dress at a Christmas party but equally you can wear it with a relaxed fit skirt, opague tights and boots for a glam-grunge look!


The Crew-Neck Sweatshirt 


Style Inspiration: Crew Neck Sweatshirt

I saved this for last because there is not a girl out there that has not stolen her boyfriend's or brother's sweatshirt. Especially those that have that lovely fleecy lining under it! It just makes you want to get into your joggers, get your blanket and put on a box set. Sweatshirts are awesome for giving a bit more street to your look.  Here Rihanna wears it cropped with some tight jeans. Equally, you could wear it over a pretty dress or a skater skirt. With chunky jewellery or a statement necklace, to add a bit of glamour and contrast, it could work as a more dressed up look. In any case, it totally deserves more than a night in front of the telly!

So those are some of my picks, what do you think? 

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