Re-discovering Your Style Edge

Dec 03, 2014

Edgy describes something or someone with a certain something.  I was thinking about what edgy actually means and it is an outward physical reflection of an attitude - it has the word edge in it for a reason! You live life on the edge, you don’t toe the line but sometimes cross it, you say what you mean with your clothes, words and actions. Sometimes though, especially after a certain age, it's easy to get lost in terms of personal style, to find you have veered off track and ended up in frumpsville! So what can one do to recapture that something, that edge? If you feel in a rut, bored and want to shake things up, here are some elements to think about to add more edge to your style and, ultimately, to your life.

1) Make a Statement

Make a statement with your clothing just as you do with your actual words and actions. What edgy women do very well, even with the smallest details, is that they say something bold! Just as people with edge don’t mince words or avoid setting the record straight, in the same way, your clothing should communicate something about the bad-ass you are at your core! It doesn’t need to be all the way through the outfit, it doesn't need to be exaggerated or over the top. It could just be one detail like a red lipstick, a bold accessory (like Cara's hat below) or some colour. Basically, it is taking a little risk, sticking your neck out and preparing to be noticed. 

Discover Your Edgy Style

2) Aim for Interesting

Make it a rule that you will only buy clothes that are interesting in some way not just practical, comfortable, pretty or cute.  If even your most basic items have something interesting about them in one way or another how much more exiting and dynamic would your wardrobe be? Little details make a difference, for example, embellishment on a t-shirt, zips, whether something has an interesting pocket.... In that way, even basic items can add something to your overall look and make it truly unique. Nothing in your wardrobe should be boring! Edgy has an intellectual element; it should inspire you and make you think.

3) Unpretty the Pretty

An edgy look is never perfectly pretty and never perfectly classic. It can be pretty and it can have elements of classic but it will need to contain a certain hard edge to give it contrast and to move it away from being obvious. The good news is that every outfit can go from blah to edgy with just a few tweaks. If you are wearing a dress think about layering it or add chunky jewellery or add an asymmetrical cut. Equally, you can think in terms of combining hard and soft elements, textures (chiffon and wool),  colour (black and pink) or mood - a skull ring with a flowery dress - you get the idea! Don’t be afraid to rough things up, be messy and not perfectly put together and combine feminine and masculine cuts and fabrics.

How to Get The Edgy Look Right

Jumper, Floaty Skirt & Ankle Boots!

5) Dress Down

So many of us forget that sometimes to look effortlessly cool and bring back some edge to our look we actually need to dress down, downplay and add casual elements like denim, leather or boots. So if you are wearing a silky top you can wear it with some distressed boyfriend jeans or wear a skirt with ankle boots (as above) rather than with heels or wear leather trousers with a sweater. That also brings me to the next little tip, which is, when you get edgy right, you should be able to wear the same outfit from day to night because it balances dressed up and dressed down perfectly. If you think you can't go for dinner in it you have gone too far! After a certain age, jeans and trainers will most likely look scruffy not edgy! 

6) Be Unpredictable

A quick way to add edge is to challenge the status quo. So, for example, if people are all following a certain dress code, break it a little bit by adding a piece of irreverent jewellery or a quirky pair of shoes. Sometimes being a rebel is about being unpredictable. A really good example of this was Rihanna at the 2013 Grammy's. Everyone expected something daring and racy and, as per usual, she totally surprised them by wearing a romantic, floaty dress. Rihanna personifies edgy because she is always challenging the status quo and expectations that people have of her.... everyone thinks of Chanel as the tweed suit and pearls, not after Rihanna flipped the script! She kept the pearls but everything else has a new twist - love it!

Edgy Style Trends

7) Rework The Past 

Inspire yourself by being nostalgic, create a mood board, think about the celebs you admire that embody a unique style, watch old movies, look at the past both in terms of vintage styles and your own history. Dig deep and find your inner rebel, the youthful free spirited and devil may care attitude that is lurking in there somewhere! The last time you felt confident, empowered and free - what did you wear, what was your favourite piece of clothing, how did you style it? Don’t necessarily go back and try and recreate that exact look but think about the elements you used to like the most. This might inspire a modern interpretation of your signature edge, a look that fits with who you are today but taps into your individual essence!

So tell me what you think! Would this help you rediscover your edge?

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