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Mar 26, 2015

Whether you were one to live through this flower power time or whether you know of 70’s styling and fashion through rummaging through your mother's wardrobe and brushing past the flared trousers, fringed jackets and boldly patterned shirts, or even through just watching that 70s show, either way, the 70s are back and they’re sure to influence your 2015/2016 wardrobes!

At both London and New York Fashion week, we saw a variety of designers including Preen, Karen Walker, Calvin Klein and Max Azira showcase that 70s vibe in their Spring/Summer 15 and Autumn/Winter 15 collections.

So this week’s style blogpost is all about how you can introduce that 70s vibe into your wardrobe through five simple themes. We know these will release your inner hippy/glamour-puss!


The 70’s saw the faux fur industry take off and 'faux' seems to have come back round regularly ever since. Remember those gangster films set in the 70s like Casino with Sharon Stone rocking all those furs? The fur was a staple for the 70s fashionista, especially in the colder winters. Combined with big hoops, high heels and smouldering make-up, it equalled a glamorous, femme fatale look.

Sharon Stone StyleSharon Stone Fur Jacket

Today, it has been interpreted in bold colours, such as burgundy, mustard and turquoise, instantly injecting a modern, futuristic element into people’s everyday wardrobes .....and the best thing about fur is it’s so easy to style!

A fake faux fur collar on a jacket, for instance, is a great way to inject some 70's into your style diet and looks amazing with everything from a shirt and blouse to a pair of jeans and a turtle neck jumper.... so whether you want to dress up or dress down, fur is a must and it will definitely inject that bit of 70s styling into your outfit! 

We have a couple of furry delights in the shop - here is our furry Sunday Bag and our fur collar cardi coat - check them out for a little hit of fur in your everyday look!


Fur Handbag


Fringing is a 70s style influence which has been making its way back into our wardrobes stealthily for a while .... think back to last summer when we saw the trend of fringed shoulder bags and floppy hats. If you were one of those people that happened to invest in a fringed item last year then don’t worry you’ll be getting use out of it again!

Fringed Jacket

Fringing is something which we’re now seeing on dresses and playsuits and tops - we have a fringed top in our shop right now - see below!

Fringe Top

So whether its rain or shine, hot or cold, fringing is 70s inspired styling which you can get away with any time of the year, by wearing playsuits and dresses with fringing throughout the summer and fringed boots along with fringed leather jackets in the winter ..... and of course not forgetting the favourite fringed shoulder/hand bag, which can make an appearance whenever you feel that your outfit is missing that little bit of 70s style.

Headscarves and Floppy Hats

Head accessories were key in completing any outfit in the 70s and with the rebirth of 70s fashion being the 'it' thing this year, it would be kind of wrong if these statement head accessories weren’t included in our post. 

Floppy hats, a little like the fringed bag, started to re-appear last year and were a massive hit with pretty much every fashionista across the globe, and it appears they are not going anywhere. Floppy hats are the easiest hat to wear in many ways and very versatile. They protect you from the sun and the rain and can bring to life a simple outfit of skinnies and a shirt or brighten up a printed summer dress. 

70s Accessories and Headgear

Head scarfs are something which haven’t made a re-appearance until now, but its an exciting trend, especially when the real sunshine hits and you can partner it with some vintage sunnies and a floral summer dress. Head scarfs can be as simple or as crazy as you like but if you really want to push that 70s vibe then the bolder the print, the better!


Now the most iconic 70s item of clothing .... the flared trouser! We think that they can be super flattering and balance out your silhouette (remember the boot leg cut? - it was a lesser version of the flare!). 

Flared trousers were all over the catwalks over the past few weeks at both London and New York Fashion week and they came in a range of colours and patterns, so whether you want to play it safe by going for a neutral tone or go fully all out with a vibrant floral pattern, either way you’ll be channelling that inner 70s hippy.

Flared trousers look great with a fitted shirt or partnered with a floppy hat and a ....errr .....fringed bag, because after all they were invented to be styled together! So why not try the look in its full glory this festival season?


Bold Print

It’s not very often that people can think about the 70s without thinking about the bold colours and prints and that’s certainly what the designers have kept central in their collections this year. The 70s were a decade of experimentation , globalism and ethnic influence - think ashrams and psychedelia! These influences were reflected in the swirling and busy prints which had an eastern flavour.

Printed 70s Fashion

Styling prints for a 70s look is very straightforward as it doesn't really matter if the prints clash with each other. However, wearing even one printed item, especially if it has an ethnic feel, is an easy way to incorporate this style trend. A long flowing skirt or dress is ideal. 

So there you have it .....some things to watch out for in the year ahead to get thinking about and experimenting with! We can guarantee that you’ll have something 70s inspired in your wardrobe by the end of the year!

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