10 Great Things About Having Your Own Business

Sep 18, 2015

You get to sleep in on Mondays

I put this number one because we all hate Mondays (and some of us hate Sundays because we start thinking about Monday). And the reason is the whole treadmill starts again. The routine. The alarm that lets you know that you are not the boss of you, IT is the boss of you and you need to listen to it and wake up.

Freedom Lifestyle in business

That’s the first thing in a long line of things/people telling you what you have to do. And the best thing about having your own business is that no-one tells you to do anything at all. It is 100% down to you.

You have zero office politics

There may be an office or there may not be. Your office may be your bed or your coffee shop or the pub. It’s up to you. But one thing there isn’t is office politics as office politics is a unique facet of working for the MAN.

Basically it arises out of jealousy, insecurity and competition for scarce resources that are dolled out, once again, by the MAN. As such, even if you don’t initiate it, at some point you will be drawn into it because it becomes a 'kill or be eaten' scenario – a survival of the fittest - that is bred on the fear installed in you that you can be fired and lose it all. Anytime. Which brings me to No 3.....

You cannot be fired

If you do not work for someone they cannot fire you. This is actually a beautiful thing because although entrepreneurship means you lose ‘security’ in some ways you gain it in others. You have more security in some ways because what you are building, if built slowly and surely, cannot be taken away from you with a P45. Even if it all goes wrong, you can steer yourself carefully and slowly build back up again, using what you learned. Yes it is hard in the beginning and takes times but in the end you are actually building more security for yourself through constructing solid foundations, relying on yourself and not putting all your eggs in one basket.

You get to use your creative ideas

You know you are creative and have lots of cool ways of doing things. Maybe you work for someone that appreciates that and lets you run free and try things and learn. Most of us don’t. We are held back from expressing our true brilliance and creativity to fit in with the way things are done ‘around here’ or to follow some established process. Wouldn’t you love to just try some of those ideas, even if they are new processes or slightly alternative ways of doing things to see if they work knowing that no one will tell you off if they don’t? That’s the luxury you have when it’s your own.

be your own boss lifestyle

There is no glass ceiling

Glass ceilings exist and that’s a fact. If you are a minority or a woman or even if you are a certain kind of man – for example that likes his wife and kids –you may not have the right face to progress in that place. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how nice you are. There is a model, there is a type, and if you are not it you can forget it. I know this is controversial but I think it is true in many industries. In your own business, that doesn’t apply. If you help people and they are happy with what you are giving them they will come back. And you get rewarded based on your talent, determination and hard work. It’s very simple.

You meet really cool people

You will meet people you would have never met before with lifestyles and backgrounds completely different to your own and new, inspiring friendships will be formed. The entrepreneurial community is a diverse, dynamic and eclectic bunch. They work hard but do it in their own way. They are interested and interesting. They like to learn. They like to develop themselves constantly in every way. They are open-minded and optimistic. And whether they are extrovert or introvert, as there are both types, they like people, ideas and creative new ways of doing things. They are free spirits, independent thinkers and exude this authentic energy. You will love them. And you will be one.

new networks in business

You learn about what holds you back

The biggest teachers in life, I thought, were relationships as they are very intense mirrors of all our failings, strengths and areas for improvement. But a business can offer that same intense type of mirroring opportunity that a soul-mate can. It makes you address all your fears and your insecurities. You challenge and stretch yourself in ways that make you feel uncomfortable and which you thought you couldn’t do but you will. You learn about your appetite for risk, the excuses and lies you tell yourself to protect yourself, your fears, your fears, your fears ….. of failing, being rejected, being judged (in fact the list of fears is a blog post all of its own). And there is massive transformation in this.

fearless entrepreneurship

You become your best version

To make your business succeed you will have to draw very deep inside of yourself to find tools to help you on your journey. And these tools may be rusty, buried, or so well hidden you didn’t even know they were there! These are your strengths and latent talents - some of them you know about and some you don’t …….yet. And discovering your latent abilities and expressing them (sometimes to the surprise to those around you) will shock and then delight you. You get to express those parts of you that were stifled in your job and in your life. In discovering the things you love to do, the things you are good at and the things you need to work on, you can design your business to play to the former and improve the latter. And in doing so, you start to naturally gravitate towards being the best version of you.

You start to think bigger

You don’t just limit yourself to the paths set out in front of you to get to a certain place by a certain time as others before have done. You might do so in the start and think that you can only achieve so much but as soon as you get used to this new, more expansive way of thinking you realise that actually anything is possible and you can take this so much further than you thought.
contribution in business


You have literally limitless possibilities and limitless potential to grow your business and then maybe other creative projects, hobbies and businesses to create the life you want.

You want to help others more

Whereas in the professional world people get a few grey hairs and then think about their ‘legacy,’ in a business, contribution is built into the business model. Your success is built much more directly on solving people’s problems and helping them. And after a while it becomes a natural almost instinctive way of thinking. Your success is also tied to the people that work with you and for you and to be the best they have to be too. You contribute to your own success by helping others succeed.

coaching and helping others in business

The wonderful thing is that if you own a business then you feel the impact of your contribution all through the process! And as time goes on and your sphere of influence grows, the potential to contribute to more and more people’s lives is possible.

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