How Katy Perry Does Feminine

Oct 25, 2015

Katy Perry has been through quite a style evolution - from her first days as a young starlet to now being a worldwide international superstar.

We all know that she has a dramatic and flamboyant sense of style and that she has a flair for all things super girly and fun. However, if you dig a little deeper you will see that, while she has always had a feminine style, she does 'feminine' in all sorts of ways. Here are a few tips you can take from Katy Perry and how expressing femininity through your style can be as versatile as you want.


Katy Perry Style

In this ensemble, she wears a lovely printed Kimono style coat-dress in gorgeous Oriental colours. The longer sleeve and demure length make it a ladylike approach to feminine especially with the cute handbag and swept back hair.

Tip: You can do feminine without being overly flirty or girly

Colour Blocking 

Katy Perry Red Carpet

She always looks great in a clear block of colour in a shade that brings out her striking features. This mint green floor length dress is so simple but effective and the colour blocking technique emphasises all her curves. The embellishment near her cleavage accentuates that part of her figure without being too obvious.

Tip: Colour can help accentuate your feminine curves

Prim & Pretty

Pretty Outfit Katy Perry

This is a different take on preppy, which can sometimes, unless you are Alexa Chung, come across as too serious. Katy Perry's approach to prim and proper style is to use detailing for a little added flirty fun – the ruffles, side swept curls as well as the flowery embellishment contrast with the tailored collar and cuff to make for a unique approach to preppy style.

Tip: Put preppy and pretty together to create indie feminine


Gold Dress Katy Perry

A super high octane shot of glamour is also, of course, one way of doing feminine. If this dress didn’t have the extra embellishment and the interesting off-the-shoulder sleeve it would be too boring and perhaps a little obvious. Again, Katy Perry uses colour blocking everywhere else and keeps the hair and make-up simple and elegant to create an impactful look.

Tip: If in doubt, gold and glamour always equal feminine.

Vintage Inspired

Red Dress Katy Perry

A Marilyn Monroe crossed with Jessica Rabbit vintage inspired look in bold red velvet. This seems to have all the elements of femininity: an hourglass shape, a pretty neckline, gorgeous touchable fabric and the colour – what says feminine more than red? Not to mention the red lip and pretty Hollywood curls!

Tip: Vintage can help inspire feminine style, especially eras like the 40s and 50s.


 Leather Skirt Katy Perry

Katy Perry went through a Goth stage and, while this isn’t the most Goth of her looks during that period, there are elements of that in this combo. She has a rock n roll leather skater skirt that skims the thigh but counters that with an edgy, fluffy, printed jumper. Her hair and makeup is very beautiful – flawless skin, lipstick, glossy hair and simple jewellery.

Tip: Give your feminine style a little edge by adding a little leather piece


Katy Perry Fun Print

Katy Perry definitely does fun but most of her theatrical looks aren’t always something we can easily replicate. She shows here that she can also do fun and playful in a more wearable way, especially when she wears printed combos in vibrant colours. The look is as feminine as ever, however, as she matches the colourful combo with cute accessories not to mention her girly white platforms. Plus, a bit of midriff always says sexy, fun and carefree.

Tip: Have fun with prints and don’t be afraid to be whimsical with accessories to create a girly, feminine look.


Elegant Evening

Katy Perry looks so different here! Her dress is super chic and with that braided up do and defined eye makeup she looks very Parisian. Notice how she doesn’t do a simple little black dress but has chosen a piece with interesting detail, shape around the waist and a simple but elegant print. The long sleeves add sophistication and the bordered hem adds movement. She wears no jewellery, which is genius, as it creates a statement by virtue of its absence.

Tip: Pare back to essentials to create a demure, sophisticated femininity 


Metallics Katy Perry

Katy Perry loves a princess dress and this dress is a great example of her classic style on the red carpet – a great colour, simple lines and some girly detailing. The sparkles and metallic sheen to this dress give it extra glamour and a luxe feel while the colour keeps it fresh and modern. A maxi dress is always feminine so if you want to mix up your usual weekend style or have an evening event to which you would usually wear a short dress, why not go long?

Tip: All things sparkly are a girl's best friend – add some sequins, metallic or even a fabric with some sheen to capture that feminine star quality

So there you go, lessons from one of the most loved starlets of our time – an All American girl who knows how to work her inner femininity in a multitude of creative ways.

What can you take from this to express your feminine side in your own unique way? 

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