Today’s woman is far from simple – she has many sides, many passions, endless dreams. She can’t be boxed in or labelled. We believe that women can be feminine and edgy, urban and elegant, bold and understated, glamorous yet minimal. Our designs uniquely combine that urban edge with feminine elegance and a luxe understated glamour.

Rita Sheth founded the concept of The Many Sides after being frustrated at not being able to find a brand that spoke to her lifestyle. As someone that straddled multiple worlds, she wanted to create an authentic brand that empowered intelligent confident women who were street as well as chic without having to compromise either side.

Inspired by art, music and culture and channeling a different mood into every collection, she has taken her myriad of experiences to create a unique kind of contemporary urban luxury for women like her -  one that combines streetwise edge with understated elegance - to speak to the whole of the experience of being todays unique multifaceted woman living in the City.

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