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We created The Many Sides to speak to the woman who has as many sides as she does passions. We were frustrated by the lack of inspiring and beautiful fashion for people that want more than just an outfit - who appreciate fashion as an art we wear on our backs, an important and vital mode of expression. We wanted to help women feel more free, more expressive and more than ever able to communicate all of their many sides through the medium of wearable but exciting contemporary urban luxury. We wanted to create a movement around enjoying fashion as a means of expressing all of you and not being boxed into a man-made category.

We keep things simple but ever changing. We all need a versatile wardrobe that can be styled in different ways and which allows us the freedom of movement we need in our busy lives. We also need, sometimes, to be shocked and challenged and inspired. We don't limit our brand to a 'look' rather this is about a fashion journey, your personal journey. We are complex beings and nothing is black or white. The Many Sides allows you room to constantly evolve and creatively expand your boundaries through the themes of every new collection. We are a London bred brand, but are not afraid to explore many moods - the soft and feminine but also the dark and edgy - even if they appear contradictory.

Ultimately, we want to leave you with a wardrobe of collectible pieces that will provide you in years to come with your life's fashion soundtrack, markers made out of fabric of all your life's memories and milestones.

Our vision throughout is to allow you to experience and express your Many Sides through beautiful fashion.

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